Silicone Wall Mounted Lick Pad Slow Food Feeder

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Have you experienced the uncooperative behavior of dogs while taking a bath?

With this magic pad, you don’t have to worry about dog bathing anymore. You can Coat the peanut butter or jam on the sucker, The dog will quietly lick the the peanut butter or jam until the shower is finished.

Product Features 

  • Slow feeder design - The appearance of the claw shape effectively attracts the dog's attention, and the bottom is added to the design of the slow eating granules cleverly, so that the dog can not finish the food before the end of the bath.
  • Superior adsorption force- There are 16 suction cups on the back, which are evenly distributed in various parts. It is very stable and not easy to fall off. The usage scenarios can be tile, glass, bathtub, floor and some smooth places.
  • High temperature resistance - Withstand temperatures from - 40℃ to 400 ℃, it can be placed in a disinfection cabinet for high temperature sterilization after use and cleaning. 
  • Safe and Healthy Materials - Made of 100% food-grade silicone, non-toxic, durable, antibacterial, freeze free and will not leave any residue.It has passed safety certification and has no harm to dogs and people. Please wash in time after use to avoid breeding bacteria.
  • Makes Bath Time Fun - Simply stick the Pad to any flat/shinny surface, such as tile, porcelain, granite or glass and spread on your dog's favorite treat such as peanut butter to make bath time fun and enjoyable for all involved! Use for large or small dogs and washes easily.
  • Multiple Applications - This dog licking pad also could be treat as a pet slow feeder bowl for developing a healthy eating behavior, as a dog lick toy for less boredom. This Pad can also be used for brushing, nail trimming, and training!
  • Easy to Use and Wash - You can easily clean your licking pad mat. You can also wash it in a dishwasher, such as a kitchen product accessories.