Sofa Bed For Pet

Save 33%
  • Comfortable: Multiple layers of foam designed to specifically fit your dog to provide full comfort and support as well as promote bone and joint health.
  • Space Efficient & Attractive: Beautiful microfiber paired with leather accents makes this bed a perfect addition to any home
  • Long Lasting: Extra thick microfiber paired with reinforced double stitching and a textured rubberized bottom ensures your bed will last for years to come
  • Spacious: Large dog bed allows your pet to fully sprawl out and enjoy a great sleep! Most dog beds force your pet to curl up into uncomfortable positions in order to fit on other beds
  • Luxurious: Lux by frontpet was created to deliver the perfect balance of performance, comfort and style in every product we make in order to ensure that you will enjoy our products as much as your pet will.